Bienzoe Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Waterproof Convertible Cargo Hiking Pants Review

Bienzoe Men's Outdoor Quick Dry Waterproof Convertible Cargo Hiking Pants Review

If you are looking for a new pair of hiking pants to use for your adventures, the Bienzoe Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Waterproof Convertible Cargo Hiking Pants are something you should not miss because they are made of high-quality polyester and cotton material, yet are reasonably priced. In fact, they are offered at a discounted price on several online shops. Of course, you should check those sites first before making a purchase to get greater value for your money.

Just like many brands of hiking pants, these feature a straight-leg design that will look fit once worn. They are available in a wide range of sizes and four different colors: khaki, gray, navy, and black. Aside from this, these pants also feature plenty of pockets; some are made larger than normal, where you can keep your important belongings.

You will find cargo pockets on both sides, and the front, and back parts. What makes Bienzoe Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Waterproof Convertible Cargo Hiking Pants more desirable is its breathable, quick dry, and water resistant capabilities, allowing you to have a comfortable journey wherever you are heading.

Features of the Bienzoe Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Waterproof Convertible Cargo

  • Convertible hiking pants made of high-quality polyester and cotton fabric
  • Features water resistant and quick drying qualities to make hikes more comfortable
  • Breathable and comfortable to wear
  • Includes Omni-Shade sun protection
  • Durable enough to withstand most outdoor conditions
  • Features a straight leg cut to make you look fit and slim when worn
  • Allows great mobility when hiking
  • Medium lightweight and packable; suitable for most seasons
  • Features side cargo pockets and other large pockets on the front and back for carrying essential hiking valuables
  • All zippers are made by YKK brand
  • Features removable bottom leg parts with zippers near the knees
  • Washing Instructions: No bleach and tumble dry low


True hiking enthusiasts know the necessity of investing in a good pair of hiking pants. Compared to the standard blue jeans that you wear every day, these pants are more suitable to withstand the rigors you will meet on the terrain. One of the favorite styles of hiking pants is convertible, and when it comes to convertible hiking pants, you cannot take the name Bienzoe off the list of the best brands.

What makes this product a better choice? Two of the reasons are found in the design and style. Those who hike in different seasons will find these hiking pants versatile since they can wear it as pants and convert it into shorts. In other words, you already have pants for the colder months and shorts for the summer, or you could wear them as shorts during the day’s hike and zipper back the lower parts to add covering and protection during the night.

Thus, it saves money as well as space in the backpack. To convert it into walking shorts, you only have to unzip the lower legs from the whole pants.

Aside from this, another advantage of this hiking pants is in its protection capabilities. Many hikers want water-resistant pants because they keep them dry during the wet season. For this product, not only are they water resistant, but also quick drying. This means that you will feel warm and dry during the hike instead of soaking wet. Therefore, the possibility of getting colds after the hike is minimized. The reason for this is because of its polyester material that manages moisture better than nylon.

The hiking pants also provide an extra layer of protection from the scorching heat of the sun with its Omni-Shade Sun Protection. This only proves that these pants are certified for all weather. Lastly, there are also plenty of pockets where you can keep your valuables close to you. You will find them on the sides, front, and back. Here, you can put your emergency aid, money, and snacks, and some equipment that you need for survival.


Despite the good quality of this product, it is not yet well-known and highly rated. Perhaps, it has something to do with the design that looks so “last year.” Though it has a straight-leg cut, the bottom parts are wide to make them look like bell bottoms from the 1970s. Aside from this, they are not as lightweight as other hiking pants. To be fair, the description says that the pants are medium lightweight, like what most convertibles are.


Overall, the Bienzoe Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Waterproof Convertible Cargo Hiking Pants are a great choice. They affordable and durable, which is something every consumer would like. If you are an all-weather hiker, this brand is something you should consider.

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