FunnySun Men’s Hiking Pants Review

FunnySun Men's Hiking Pants Review

The FunnySun Men’s Hiking Pants is designed for the great outdoors. And as its name implies, these pants were made to be worn during the hot blistering sun. It comes with multi-zippered zipper pockets and a moisture-wicking feature that absorbs and quickly evaporates sweat.

The FunnySun Men’s Hiking Pants is made of 85% Polyamide and 15% Spandex making it very light and easy to breathe in. It also contains steric knee darts for added mobility, water-resistant coating and an adjustable waist. The FunnySun Men’s Hiking Pants are straight fit and has a unique hip design. If you like hiking in style and in comfort then the FunnySun Men’s Hiking Pants might be the pants for you.

We’ve compiled a detailed list of its pros and cons, taken from multiple review sites and customer feedback.
For your added benefit. we’ve also listed the full details of its features down below.

Key Features of the FunnySun Men’s Hiking Pants

  • Multi-zippered pockets which were designed for the outdoors
  • Features a cool dry, moisture-wicking system which takes care of sweat easily
  • Perfect for fishing, hiking, cycling, and other outdoor living activities in the spring/summer/autumn
  • Contains uniquely concealed zipper pockets for added convenience
  • The fabric is made out of 85% Polyamide and 15% Spandex
  • Light, easy to breathe in and stretchable
  • Contains steric knee darts which allows knees to bend freely for better mobility
  • Straight fit belted cargo pants
  • Contains two zipper knee pockets to stash large items
  • Suitable as outdoor work pants for heavy construction work
  • Water-resistant, quick-drying pants in complex outside weather conditions
  • Softshell Polyester, light, breathable and sturdy
  • Designed for mountaineering, mountain climbing, traveling, camping, climbing and fishing
  • Adjustable stretchy waist
  • Yellow accents on the zippers provide a stylish look, as well as security for personal items
  • Straight fit
  • Neatly stitched seams


  • Lightweight and adjustable
  • Very comfortable, even when using a smaller size
  • Looks stylish and hip
  • Side pockets allow legs to breathe, useful for those very long hikes
  • Stretchable fabric allows you to do various outdoor activities with ease
  • Comes with cool dry moisture wicking technology, which quickly evaporates sweat
  • Pockets are large and the zippers make sure your stuff is safe
  • Not too tight, not too baggy, just right
  • Colors are not too bright, making them blend in with the environment


  • Zippers break easily
  • Crotch hangs down way too far
  • Too much tension on the zippers
  • Sides may break from wear and tear in mountain climbing

Final Verdict

The FunnySun Men’s Hiking Pants is an excellent choice based on its features, and the pros outweigh the cons. However, it is very easy to say good things about your product and what really matters is what the customers and other review sites think.

Let’s see what the customers and review sites have to say about the FunnySun Men’s Hiking Pants. What do the review sites say?

FunnySun seems to be a new company/brand and there is little to no information about them. Their earliest product seems to have been released in May of 2016 and their latest product the FunnySun Men’s Hiking Pants was released in March of 2017. So there aren’t really any reviews on them for now.

However FunnySun Men’s Hiking Pants have received a rating of 4 or more stars from a majority of its customers, so let’s hear what they have to say.

What do the customers think?

Overall, we can say that customers really love these pants. Customers say that the pants fit perfectly, is not too baggy and not too tight, it’s just right. Some customers even claimed that it is stretchable enough to do yoga. It was also stated that the stretchable waist was one of the nicest features in the pants since it allows you to wear it even if you lose or gain weight.

The zipper pockets are large and can hold a lot of gear; the pants are very lightweight, breathable and quick to dry and take a long time to get wet from the rain. Customers also loved hiking with it since it absorbs perspiration and makes it disappear quickly. Customers also loved that it comes with a belt.

Customers also stated that they find the pants fashionable enough to be used as casual wear and that its dark colors allow them to blend in the environment. Some said that it is comfortable enough to even wear at home.

What customers complained a lot about the pants was the durability of the zippers, some claimed that it easily broke within a day or from being used a few times which makes the large pockets extremely useless.

Is it the pants for you?

The FunnySun Men’s Hiking Pants is greatly overloaded with features ranging from high-quality materials to waterproofing. The majority of the feedback was good and many praised it for the quality and convenience it brings.

So if you are looking for a great pair of hiking pants, complete with all the features you can think of, then this might be the pants for you. Although you might consider buying extra zippers if you’re considering buying this pants.

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