Mr.Stream Men’s Hiking Breathable Quick Drying Outdoor Sports Convertible Pants Review

Mr.Stream Men's Hiking Breathable Quick Drying Outdoor Sports Convertible Pants Review

Breathable, thin and lightweight; these are three things that best describe the Mr.Stream Men’s Hiking Convertible Pants. Made of 100% stretchable nylon, these pants are a comfortable fit. The legs can be zipped-off and converted to an inseam shorts; for added benefit the materials it is made of comes with an Omni sun protection system, which is great for those long summer trips.

It is also durable and quick to dry in case you run into rain or wet weather. In case you’ve bought a smaller or larger size, Mr.Stream Men’s Hiking Convertible Pants come with an adjustable exterior at the waist and a belt. Although it is advisable, that you order the right size for you or maybe even something bigger.

So if you’re searching for something lightweight, breathable, easy to dry and budget-friendly, then the Mr.Stream Men’s Hiking Convertible Pants might be the pants for you.

We’ve compiled a detailed list of pros and cons gathered from various review sites and customer feedback to help you gauge and decide if these pants really live up to its advertising. The list can be seen below as well as the complete list of its key features.

Key Features of the Mr.Stream Men’s Hiking Breathable Quick Drying Outdoor

  • 100% nylon
  • Lightweight
  • Quick-dry and breathable
  • Omni sun protection
  • Exterior adjustable waistband
  • Zip-Off legs
  • Machine washable
  • Comfortable fit
  • Convertible pants
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easily foldable
  • Six closed zipper pockets
  • Designed for hiking, camping, traveling and other outdoor activities
  • Durable and versatile
  • Easily stretches for added mobility and comfort


  • Comes with different sizes
  • Well stitched and of outstanding quality
  • Features a lot of pockets, which is great when hiking or camping
  • Looks good and stylish
  • Good and fast service
  • Adjustable waist allows for a tight or comfortable fit
  • Protects your legs from sunlight and good or walking out in the heat
  • Absorbs sweat and dries really fat


  • The shorts are longer than expected and goes down to your calf, which makes you look weird
  • Not very stretchable and easily tears, especially when mountain climbing
  • Very tight and restricts leg movement; it is also hard to retrieve things inside the pocket
  • Incorrect labeling of sizes. The sizes are not for US residents but instead it is for Chinese customers

Final Verdict

It is easy to advertise and say good things about your product but what really matters is what customers say and think. Let’s see what the customers and review sites have to say about the Mr.Stream Men’s Hiking Convertible Pants.

What do the review sites say?

Review sites say that the pants are versatile and provide many attractive features such as: its easy convertible option, breathability and a comfortable fit. They also state that the pants are easily washable either by hand or machine.
The review site also states to check the size of your orders, since the sizes are actually for Chinese people and not conformed to US standards.

What do the customers think?

Review sites say that the pants are budget-friendly, lightweight and breathable and they list it as one of the most recommended outdoor convertible pants to buy. However, customer’s opinion and feedback seems to be a mix between those who love it and those who hate it.

The majority of customers state that the pants are cheap, durable, well stitched and just really look good on you. They also say that the pants are comfortable and that the zip-off legs can be easily stored in the pockets, making it easy to switch between pants and shorts while on the move. Although people do complain that the shorts reach the calves, making it look and feel weird.

Customers also say that the pants fit very well with its elastic waist, but they may fit too well in the leg area, causing slight discomfort. To put it bluntly, some customers say that the pants are advertised to be flexible and elastic, however, they just seem too tight and have no give.

Customers also complained of it being smaller than the recommended size; to get around this, we suggest you order a size larger than your preferred size. So if you’re an L then order an XL or an XXL just in case.

For people who like mountain climbing, customers say that because of the tightness, it gives limited mobility when climbing mountains. The fabric is also prone to tearing when scratched by rocks or if under too much stress.
Is it the pants for you?

Everything has its pros and cons, but the Mr.Stream Men’s Hiking Convertible Pants pros greatly outweigh its cons. If you cherish quality, durability and convenience while keeping a tight budget, then these pants might be the one for you. However, if you prefer baggy pants and love to go mountain climbing, then I suggest you look elsewhere for the right pants.

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