Trail Crest Men’s Camo 6 Pocket Cargo Hunting / Hiking Pants Review

Trail Crest Men's Camo 6 Pocket Cargo Hunting / Hiking Pants Review

Whether you are a hiker or a hunter, you need to invest in the right pants that can withstand all kinds of terrains and most weather conditions. If you are looking for the right pair of pants, consider the Trail Crest Men’s Camo 6 Pocket Cargo Hunting / Hiking Pants.

This pair of hiking pants features a highland timber design that allows you to camouflage with the surrounding. The design has a leaves-and-branches pattern with a 3D effect. So if you are going to hunt, your prey will be less likely to see your presence.

Aside from this, the hiking pants also combine of materials such as cotton twill and polyester. These make them more durable and quick drying. They are even more comfortable and lightweight to wear. Thus, it minimizes the stress or difficulty level of your hiking and hunting.

The design also features 6 useful and cargo pockets that are large enough for all your important belongings. To make you look fashionable on your adventure, the manufacturer made the waist tabs adjustable to your personal fit. When you buy the hiking pants, you will also get a matching neoprene camo can holder.

Features of the Trail Crest Men’s Camo 6 Pocket Cargo Hunting / Hiking Pants

  • Full-cut standard hiking/hunting pants made of polyester and cotton twill fabric
  • Highland timber camouflage design with realistic leaves and branch pattern creates a 3D illusion
  • Breathable and comfortable to wear
  • Easy to wash and quick drying
  • Durable enough to withstand most outdoor conditions
  • Features an adjustable waist for a nice fit
  • Great mobility and ideal for both hunters and hikers
  • Lightweight and packable; suitable for most dry seasons
  • Features 6 pockets and cargo pockets on the sides, front, and back for carrying essential hiking valuables
  • Includes zipper fly and front button


If there is one thing that both a hiker and a hunter like it is definitely exploring the great outdoors. This is the very reason why they need to invest in the right pants for their adventure. Whether your goal is to reach the peak or to take home game, the Trail Crest Men’s Camo 6 Pocket Cargo Hunting / Hiking Pants are something you would want to wear.

The idea of wearing the right hiking or hunting pants during the activity is more than just for aesthetic purposes. Rather, it is for your protection and safety. This pair of pants is specifically created with a highland timber camouflage design so that hunters will blend to their surroundings. You will see that the branch, tree, and leaves pattern of the pants create a 3D effect or illusion, making it more realistic. Thus, your prey will be more unsuspecting as you approach it.

Another thing that will convince you to buy this product is its style. It is good to stay fashionable while trekking the mountains so that every moment can be a picture perfect memory. This pair of hiking pants features an adjustable waist so you can adjust it to your fit. Like many cargo pants, this one also has 6 pockets that are large enough for keeping your valuables safe and within your reach.

Since the fabric is a combination of cotton twill and polyester, expect that it will be more comfortable and breathable to wear. It will be less prone to dirt, making it easier to wash.


One obvious disadvantage of this pair of hiking pants is found in the quality of the material used. Many hikers will be doubtful over the durability and thermal insulation of these pants because they’re made of cotton twill fabric.

People say that his type of fabric is not ideal for hiking, especially in the colder season because it cannot manage moisture once it gets wet. While the manufacturer says that it has polyester, hikers can still be apprehensive with the idea of wearing cotton. Therefore, it is recommended to only wear this pair of hiking pants during the dry season.

Aside from this, some people also noticed that the fabric is so thin to the point that it will not provide warmth at all. Nevertheless, it is still a great wear for dry weather.


Overall, the Trail Crest Men’s Camo 6 Pocket Cargo Hunting / Hiking Pants is still worth the money. It is really affordable, not to mention that it has a unique camouflage design. If you are an avid hunter, this pair is something you should consider.

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