Unitop Men’s Lightweight Water Resistant Quick Dry Hiking Cargo Pants Review

Unitop Men's Lightweight Water Resistant Quick Dry Hiking Cargo Pants Review

Outfitting with the Unitop Men’s Lightweight Water Resistant Quick Dry Hiking Cargo Pants is great, especially if you are planning to explore the wonders of the mountains. These hiking pants are unlike ordinary pants you wear every day for work.

That is because the hiking pants are made of a high-quality fabric that is suitable for the outdoors. They are lightweight and comfortable, which are qualities that every hiking enthusiast looks for in hiking pants.

Aside from this, they are also breathable and quick drying; you can stay warm and dry even if the weather is cold or wet. Thus, they make your traverse to the peak less of a hassle because mobility is not limited.

Furthermore, the pants also feature pockets with Velcro and zippers aside from the standard side pockets. This way, you have more room for your valuables and emergency or survival equipment. In order to personalize the fit, the manufacturer incorporated an elastic waist with a zipper fly and button. The Unitop Men’s Lightweight Water Resistant Quick Dry Hiking Cargo Pants are available in 7 different colors. And since they are fashionable and stylish, you can even wear them for traveling or work.

Features of the Unitop Men’s Lightweight Water Resistant Quick Dry Hiking Pants

  • A full-cut standard hiking pants made of high-quality materials
  • Breathable and comfortable to wear
  • Quick drying and durable enough for most outdoor conditions
  • Easy to wash by hand or washing machine
  • Features an elastic waist for a nice fit
  • Allows great mobility and ideal for hiking and daily activities
  • Lightweight and packable
  • Features 3 pockets with Velcro, one pocket with a zipper, and two standard hand pockets on the front
  • Includes zipper fly and front button
  • Available in 7 different colors: khaki, black, blue, deep blue, gray, light gray, and dark green


The weather and terrain conditions in the mountains or forest are unpredictable so you need to be outfitted with strong and highly resistant hiking gear. Whether you are an avid hiker or a first timer, you need a dependable pair of pants for this rigorous outdoor activity. If you were to choose one brand, consider the Unitop Men’s Lightweight Water Resistant Quick Dry Hiking Cargo Pants.

This brand has many great qualities that make it a better choice than your favorite blue jeans. No. 1 is that they are rugged. In other words, they have been made with a high-quality fabric and materials in order to withstand the rigors of hiking. Whether it’s water, sand, mud, or sun, this pair of cargo pants is sure to handle them well. And by “handle,” it means it will keep you comfortable while conquering the easy to difficult terrain you will meet along the way.

Other qualities of this product are its water-resistant and quick-drying abilities. These make the hiking pants great outdoor wear during the colder season. It is ideal to wear, especially when there is an unexpected downpour. Thus, it will help you dry fast and keep warm. With its strong and durable fabric, it can even protect you from abrasion or scratches from branches or itchy plants. Meanwhile, it is also flexible or convenient to wear because it allows great mobility.

You can never have enough pockets when you are hiking, especially if you are someone who likes keeping things organized. Luckily, this pair of pants has plenty of Velcro and zipper pockets to secure your important valuables. Furthermore, the elastic waist allows you to wear it to your personal fit.


When you are going on a hike, it is better to wear this right away rather than packing it, especially if you have other important things to bring. This is because the hiking pants are rather heavier than usual lightweight pants, and it might need more space than necessary.

Despite being this big, some think that the hiking pants are not that breathable or roomy. The leg bottoms are a bit small for some hikers that they may think it compromises their movement. But for someone who likes a good fit, this is definitely a good brand to buy.


For someone who likes to look rugged and fashionable while hiking or traveling, the Unitop Men’s Lightweight Water Resistant Quick Dry Hiking Cargo Pants are definitely an ideal pick. They have water-resistant and quick-drying qualities that make it a good hiking pair for both wet and dry season. And it has a really good fit that most hikers will like.

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