What Pants To Wear Hiking

What Pants To Wear Hiking

Feeling the cold breeze of the open air while trekking a challenging trail is just one of the many delights any hiker likes to experience. For them, hiking is such a rewarding pursuit. However, hiking can be hard, inconvenient, and uncomfortable for the first timers.

After choosing what mountain or trail to hike, the next problem is bringing the right clothes to pack. What pants should you wear hiking? Do you need to buy any special clothing? All these questions will be answered in this article. Read on and learn the basic clothes you should wear when hiking.

Shorts and pants: What pants to wear hiking??

Do you have a question as to what pants to wear hiking? Most hikers look like they are just going to hit the gym than head off to trek the mountains. Not unless you see their huge hiking bags. That is because your favorite exercise outfit can also be your favorite hiking clothes.

If you are doing a day’s hike, any exercise shorts that you find comfortable will do. Spandex or yoga shorts will allow more mobility than denim shorts. Aside from this, it is also less likely to get caught on branches on the trail.

For the first timers who do not want to get scratches, you can swap for exercise leggings or compression leggings. Aside from protecting your skin, they can also keep you warm enough, especially when it’s cooler. When the weather is a bit rainy, you should be ready with your rain pants. If you haven’t bought a pair, choose rain pants that are not skinny so that you can easily wear them without removing your boots or shoes.

Top layer

For your top, it’s best to wear a wicking shirt. Since this type of shirt is made of polyester, it is perfect for pulling sweat away from the skin and into the cloth’s exterior. Thus, the sweat or any moisture will easily evaporate. This makes you feel more comfortable, especially when you are walking under the scorching heat of the sun.

If it will take you days to finish the hike, then you should pack a second or even a third wicking shirts. Some reviews will tell you that a wicking shirt is not smelly and does not stink—meaning, you can wear it for two days. In case you will be hiking in the summer, and it will only take you hours to the summit, then an old tank top will do.

The weather can be unpredictable when you are hiking. It might be hot at the base or foot of the mountain, but the temperature can go down as the altitude gets higher. This is why layering your clothes is vital. On top of your wicking shirt, you can bring any long-sleeve shirt, then a hooded jacket.

It is also advisable to wear those with zippers so they are easier to remove and wear anytime. Of course, you can add more layers like a rain jacket, but just make sure that they are not too thick or they may make movement harder.



Women should always wear a sports bra when hiking because it gives extra support even though it does not have an underwire. Most sports bras wick sweat, too. And should you stumble upon a lake or a river, then they can be your bathing suit.

Generally speaking, all hikers are advised to wear quick-dry underwear instead of their regular underwear because this type is good at keeping you cool and comfortable during the hike; it is also odor-free. Of course, you should also pack an extra pair of them if you are hiking for days. When it’s time to wash them by hand, just wet them, soap them up, rinse them thoroughly, and let them dry for an hour.

To protect your feet during the cold winter nights in the mountains, do not forget to wear cotton socks. In reality, these socks are also a must have even in summer. On the other hand, a light wool sock is necessary to wear to avoid getting blisters while trekking.

Shoes or sandals

The footwear you should choose depends on the type of terrain and in the season. Shoes, boots, or sandals with superior traction are the most common footwear for hiking. During the winter season, you should prefer boots or snowshoes that are waterproof. If you are exploring tropical mountains or rivers and falls in the summer, you should choose sandals.

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