White Sierra Trail Convertible Pant Review

White Sierra Trail Convertible Pant Review

While Sierra Trail Convertible Pant makes hiking comfortable and hassle-free, hiking is a strenuous activity that will test your physical performance. This is why hikers need a hiking pant that will help them complete the adventure. Sierra Trail Convertible Pant can definitely do this. Previous users have expressed satisfaction over the results that they got when they used the Trail Convertible Pant.

Weather in the mountains is constantly changing, and hikers need to prepare for this. With the Trail Convertible Pant, you can easily change your hiking pants into shorts to adapt to the current weather. It also has a lot of features that will make hiking fun and stress-free.

Features of the White Sierra Trail Convertible Pants

The White Sierra Trail Convertible Pant makes it easy for hikers to transform their pants into shorts as weather changes.

  • It is made of 100% nylon, making it more lightweight compared to other hiking pants.
  • It’s easy to change from pants to 10-inch shorts, allowing you to save time and energy while in the middle of a trail.
  • It is made of woven nylon UPF30 sun protection that allows pants to dry quickly. You can experience wet weather in the mountains, so staying dry is a huge help.
  • It has a Teflon fabric protector, along with a flat front and an elastic side waist that provides lasting comfort in the middle of a trail.
  • It contains buttons and a fly front closure to make sure that your pants are fastened properly.
  • It has a detachable web belt that gives you more options as to whether you’ll put it on or not.
  • It has adjustable tabs that provide security around the ankles to keep the legs in an upward position, allowing you to stay away from debris.
  • It is also manufactured in the United States, making it a quality brand.


Because of its convertible feature, hikers can save time and effort in changing their pants into shorts. During humid or cold weather, hikers need to be on their feet all the time, that’s why changing time must be done quickly.
It also provides versatility as it is useful during both sunny and rainy days.

Non-convertible pants can only be worn during cold hikes, making it less useful during extremely humid hikes. Convertible pants offer this rare flexibility.

Its lightweight feature makes it convenient for hikers to climb the trail without soaking in sweat afterward. It also provides added energy to hikers because their pants contribute less weight. Staying dry and feeling light all the time helps hikers pass through even the most challenging trail—and this is what Sierra Trail Pants lightweight feature offers.

Because of its sun protection feature, it is sure that you will not stay wet even on rainy days. Hikers can incur fever, cough and colds during extremely cold weather in the mountains, this is why it’s too important for their pants to stay dry.

Its high-quality buttons and closures provide you assurance that they will not pop off amidst the trail. It’s a real hassle when your buttons untangle while you’re hiking—but with quality buttons and closures, you can be assured that you won’t experience this kind of problem.

Its non-permanent belt gives you the freedom to choose, whether you’ll use it or not. There are days that you want your belt on, but there are also times when you just want a plain hiking pant. The flexibility to choose is just too important for both seasoned and beginning hikers.

It can store your important belongings because of its many pockets. Most often, your hiking bag cannot store all your things, especially the small things. With its cargo pockets feature, you can add small snacks, a wallet, a cellphone, and other necessary things that can fit in.


  • Its cargo pockets make it looks less appealing to those who value style. Some don’t prefer cargo hiking pants because, for them, their pants can look so busy.
  • Its convertible feature doesn’t work for hikers who do not hike during humid weather. Some hikers just want to hike when it’s cold; this is why they don’t need pants that can be converted into shorts.
  • It’s a bit pricey for hikers who don’t really need convertible and flexible hiking pants.


White Sierra Trail Pant is most recommended for hikers who want the flexibility to change their pants into shorts while in the middle of a trail. It is also best for hikers who hike all season long, allowing them to encounter too much heat or rain. Seasoned hikers should invest in high-quality hiking pants to make sure that they will make the most out of their adventure.

But if you just hike occasionally, you need not buy convertible hiking pants. The price is not worth it, if you just use it sporadically. In looking for hiking pants, consider your personal preferences, purpose, budget, and the quality of the product.

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